Jackson, Wyoming

East Jackson Cabin

East Jackson Cabin Front Exterior

A loving restoration of a diamond in the rough

In this landmark project, a historic 1930s cabin was given a new lease of life with a seamless restoration and expansion. Located in downtown Jackson, Wyoming, under the looming Teton Mountains, the ranch-style building was purchased by husband-and-wife duo Adam, Northworks Partner, and interior designer Emily.

The investment was very much a passion project, given that the aged site was in an advanced state of disrepair. Over the months that followed, the pair worked on the build at night and weekends, along with the help of friends and Northworks residential architecture contractors. To their surprise, as the 1960s drywall was torn down, a classic 1936 log cabin was revealed underneath. The homeowners changed tack accordingly – their new goal was a home that remained true to the original cabin aesthetic, whilst introducing a marriage of contemporary and traditional design to reflect their own personal tastes.

This historic building had been added on to no fewer than six times before our clients purchased it, resulting in a somewhat ponderous structure with a metal exterior and 1960s drywall interior.

Once the log cabin was unearthed below the surface, the design approach transformed into a physical celebration of the original build. Wood chinking on the outside honored the cabin’s traditional charm and authenticity. Inside, the ceilings were vaulted for added light and volume, whilst the introduction of contemporary millwork brought interiors up to date. Meanwhile, the new expansion – connected to the historic home with a lacquered bar – was designed with a cleaner aesthetic whilst remaining sympathetic to the original build with gabling. A creosote stain was applied to the exteriors of each structure for a streamlined old-meets-new effect.

East Jackson Cabin Entrance


What makes this project special is the sum of its parts, rather than individual components. In other words, the passion and dedication that brought new life to a long-forgotten build. After all, discovering an original structure and rebuilding it into a home is not a commonplace approach in this day and age. Creating a new build with 100-year-old materials and the medium of wooden logs was no mean feat, requiring exceptional standards of craftsmanship and skill.

Rancher Residence Terrace with Dining Table


Naturally, such an ambitious project had its challenges – not least the costs involved in restoring a historic home to its former glory and infusing it with a sense of the new. To the homeowners, however, the finished, lovingly restored build speaks for itself in regards to its lasting value. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed; neighbors often stop and thank the pair for staying faithful to the original charm and character of the building.

East Jackson Cabin Kitchen Space
East Jackson Entrance Door
East Jackson Cabin Outdoor Dining Area
East Jackson Front Exterior at Sunset


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