At Northworks, we recognize the limitless potential of collaboration. Teamwork is at the heart of our philosophy. We believe that the thoughts and opinions of all project co-creators matter – from client and team member alike.

When it comes to building beautiful bespoke spaces, no idea is too small to be considered. With this approach, collaboration becomes the catalyst that drives the flow of creativity and expertise, resulting in a truly diverse range of authentic, individualized architecture and design.

A shared passion for design

Northworks Project Team | Jackson Hole

Our story began with a fateful introduction between two undergraduates at Trinity College, Hartford that laid the foundations for a lifelong friendship. Later, in 2005, our founding partners Austin DePree and Bill Bickford transformed their mutual passion for the built world into a down-to-earth, collaboration-led architectural firm.

Championing an ethos rooted in innovation, originality, and exquisitely crafted design, Northworks continues to uphold the same shared creative spirit that was first founded upon almost 20 years ago.

Our Team

The Northworks family encompasses over 70 architects, interior designers, and associates, each an expert in their field. This dynamic team is united by a love of remarkable architecture and design. Our combined experience and talent enable us to learn, grow, create, and accomplish together, taking the firm to new heights with every project. Whatever the task, our practice reflects our common values of partnership, excellence, and an appreciation for individuality.