Fernando Jauregui

Project Associate

Originally from the beautiful and historic city of Lima, Peru, Fernando joins us in our Jackson Hole Studio. His attention to detail, refined process, and passion for design has driven his work since he began studying architecture. He believes that good design is not only the most effective but that it harnesses the power to move people, much like art.

In Peru, he worked for Claudio Sanchez who was Fernando’s first inspiration and helped him gain experience in residential architecture, as well as instilled an old-school appreciation for working from sketches. Fernando also worked as a freelance architect, designing homes for his clients in Pongo and Manchay, Lima; both houses involved close collaboration and focused on delivering a high quality of life for them. While in a work and travel program, Fernando discovered the beauty and architecture in Jackson influencing him to stay and work for the next 2 years before joining the Northworks team.

Having studied Architecture at Ricardo Palma University in Peru, and his active pursuit of a master’s degree at UBA in Buenos Aires, Fernando has a deep understanding of Latin American architecture and a unique blend of experience between Peru and Jackson Hole.

In his free time, he enjoys reading and sketching as tools to dream up new ideas and realities.