Northworks Jackson Office Team Photo

Northworks is a full-service architectural firm offering high-level specialties for the residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. Alongside our clients, we co-create innovative spaces led by authentic design and refined craftsmanship.

Our custom builds are one-of-a-kind – and so is our individualized approach to each new project. Whether you’re in the market for a beautiful new home or a commercial mixed-use build necessitating expert construction process management, and seamless integration of interiors, our dynamic team is at hand to help you achieve your unique design goals.


Using the same creatively open-minded mindset that we explore in our builds, we embrace a fluid and flexible philosophy within our services. As part of our full-service residential and commercial architecture offering, we tailor every project to the specific needs of both place and owner. Our integrated offering includes new building design, historic preservation, site planning, construction oversight, building conditions analysis, and interior design services. Across all projects, Northworks provides a holistic experience that takes every aspect of the built environment into consideration.

Meet the team

Based in studios across North America, our highly collaborative team is comprised of residential and commercial architects, interior designers, and associates. Aligned in the pursuit of exceptional design, we work together to craft timelessly elevated spaces for our clients. Our practice reflects common values of teamwork, excellence, and celebrating individuality.