Elaina Tsarwhas

Project Manager

Elaina joined Northworks after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture from The University of Wisconsin Madison. Elaina is currently working on projects spanning nationwide and in particular, the Washington, DC area. She has also received her Masters of Architecture through Boston Architectural College.

Elaina enjoys creating environments that value the relationship between architecture and interior design as they influence her considerations of how a client interacts with their spaces. She has collaborated on full service architectural designs in residential and commercial spaces nationwide. Most recently expanding her work to our Washington, DC Studio where she is designing private residences in the area.

Elaina enjoys music, art and travel all of which impact her work.


Recently, ​​I have loved learning more about the historic preservation guidelines in the city of Lake Forest. Understanding the guidelines and appreciating not only the architecture that came before us but also the trees and vegetation on site allows us to create long lasting structures that respond to the area in an intentional manner. We are able to see our designs as a part of a larger ecosystem and make design decisions based on that understanding.

Projects Elaina has collaborated on

Nekoosa, Wisconsin

Sand Valley Resort

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Sand Valley Dunes