Hanna Schickert

Interiors Associate

Hanna, a member of our interiors team, is graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture.

With a penchant for detail and a keen eye for visual storytelling, Hanna enjoys the process of crafting compelling presentations, look books, and lifelike renderings that resonate with clients. Her passion for high-end residential design drew her to Northworks, where she is contributed to a range of projects diverse in style and location.

Originating from the Milwaukee area, Hanna has seamlessly integrated herself into the dynamic atmosphere of Chicago, drawing inspiration from its bustling energy and fostering meaningful connections during her tenure at Northworks. Beyond her professional endeavors, Hanna finds inspiration by the water’s edge, as well as in her passion for exploring new destinations through travel.


As a designer, I approach each project with a renewed perspective, embracing the unique diversity of clients and goals of each project. I integrate insights and solutions gleaned from past projects, weaving them into relevant designs in a fresh manner.