Lauren Marion, RA

Project Architect

Lauren is a registered architect, earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech.  Her academic journey was enriched by architectural exploration across Europe, fostering a deep appreciation for a diverse range of architectural styles and influences.

Lauren launched her career with a focus on interior renovations, residential design, and boutique hospitality projects in New York and Philadelphia. Her design perspective is shaped by a commitment to the thoughtful interpretation of each project’s unique story and site, resulting in intimate and distinctive spaces.  Lauren thrives on translating new ideas and innovations gleaned from her extensive travels into collaborative design solutions for clients. Most recently, she enjoyed designing a home for clients in Pennsylvania that honored the historic landscape and surroundings with successful intention.

Beyond her work at Northworks, Lauren immerses herself in a range of interests, from thrifting for vintage furniture and painting to hiking and attempting to master the art of snowboarding. Her passion for exploration extends to travel, where she enjoys snowboarding or surfing with her husband and dogs.

Reflecting on our Thornbook project in progess, it has been great to watch this home's evolution and contemporary details emerge while still maintaining a connection to the historic homes of Philadelphia's Main Line. There are many moments that create a deep connection to the site and celebrate the owner's everyday life. ​