Nélida Ramos

Senior BIM Manager

Nélida holds an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design, a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, and an MBA in Project Management from the Universidad Ana G. Mendez in Puerto Rico. With over 20 years of experience in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, she has worked across various sectors including hospitality, commercial, institutional, residential, and healthcare.

Having worked with leading firms and a prominent signage company in Puerto Rico, Nélida moved to Chicago in 2017 with her daughter Alejandra and her dog, Lily. Since then, she has been applying her expertise in design, construction, project management, and BIM to enhance projects ranging from hospitals to residential developments.

Nélida’s proficiency in BIM and her passion for details led her to Northworks, where she aims to elevate the BIM department. She is inspired by the creative atmosphere and diverse talent pool at Northworks, where over 50% of the team are women holding leadership positions.

Outside of work, Nélida enjoys connecting with nature, tending to her houseplant collection, running, practicing yoga, and exploring new recipes from around the world. Her hobbies, including attending live concerts and collecting vinyl records, add vibrancy to her life beyond the studio.


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