Molly Douglas, AIA


Molly is a licensed architect practicing in Illinois and California, with a diverse portfolio spanning custom residential projects, multi-lot developments, institutional works, and historic preservation endeavors across the United States and Mexico. An active member of the American Institute of Architects, Molly contributed to Chicago’s Building Code Modernization project in 2019.

She holds a Master’s in Architecture from Miami University of Ohio and a Bachelor of Arts in Art with minors in Business and Spanish from Trinity University of Texas.

Molly’s design philosophy centers around crafting bespoke projects tailored to each client’s vision, site context, and surrounding landscape. She thrives on learning and embracing new challenges with each project, exploring their unique possibilities and constraints. Currently, Molly is engaged in an array of Northworks projects including an oceanfront home in Cabo, a modern mountain home in Montana, a waterfront home on Lake Michigan home, and a mid-century home in Palm Springs. 

Outside of her architectural pursuits, Molly cherishes moments with her husband, who shares her passion for architecture, as well as their son and twin daughters.

Projects Molly has collaborated on

Buchanan, Michigan

Buchanan Farm

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Buchanan Farm Northworks Rear Exterior

Joshua Tree, California

Desert Retreat

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Highland Park, Illinois

Lakefront Modern

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Lakeside Contemporary Exterior